Welcome to the first full blown race of the new TWF1 format with two divisions running slightly differing cars, damage and race lengths. All with a new improved handicap system at Anderstorp race track Sweden, a chance to try out the new system and for all drivers to race in the memory of Ronnie Peterson who tragically lost his life at Monza in 1978, as a consequence of a large accident at the start of the F1 Grand Prix.

Ronnie was known by one of our league members, Franz Brinz, who has kindly written a few words.

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The final warm up race of the TWF3 happened on Sunday with the new Japanese F3 cars making it the Sweden and Anderstorp. Pre-race Favourites Rik Walker, Roberto Berti and Rouke vd Hoek were basking in the sun while the pit babes were trying to pass phone numbers. In a strange move by the Anderstorp Stewards they decided to not install the pit lane speed limit claiming, " These Guys know how to race".

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........and now for something completely different!!!

Turn left, then left, then left, left again and repeat for 40 laps, easy some may say, however our race at Jacksonville has taught many that there is more to Nascar ovals than meets the eye.

Taking a win each in both races Rik and Barry came joint winners of the race weekend as there were no rules published regarding a tie I declare you both winners and you get to share the top step of the podium, excellent racing guys. Steve Shelley came in third which was a real credit considering his spectacular pit entry in race 2.

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The big Legends news that many of you have been waiting for. We have today just published the full details and track schedules for both the TWF1 Autumn 08 and the TWF3 Autumn 08 Championships, along with an updated TWFR General Rules page too. Many thanks to all my colleagues at HQ for their exceptional hard work in getting the new season up and running in good time, and in particular to Rik Walker for all the tremendous TWF1 work and to Steve Shelley for all the TWF3 details too.

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Rouen TWF1 Div 1 & 2 Test Race

On the 10th of august 2008, The Joan of Ark Country was abruptly awakened to the roaring sound of the TWF1 cars. 24 drivers from the prestigious Legends-League arrived there to wake up the dead and uplift the tarmac.

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