The second of the four mods we are trying out as potential series for an Autumn Championship are the Japan Formula 3 2007 cars. To tie in with the British Grand Prix that is also being held on July 6th we will be racing at Silverstone, but will be using the International circuit rather than the full Grand Prix one. We are using ISI's version of the track which they call "Northamptonshire" and the layout we are using is called "British rF3 Championship". It will be interesting to see how these cars race compared to the F3 Euro 2007 mod we used last season, so please do come along and help us find out!

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A good turn out for this test race, just a pity that a few had technical problems. For those that did have a trouble free event the racing looked very good with plenty of batles and not many incidents. The race winners were Rik, Rik again & Rouke with Rik just taking the overall win from Rouke by one point. Baz finished 3rd overall.

This was the first of 4 races trying out potential mods for one of the Autumn Championship series. Obviously, no decisions will be made until after they have all been run, but if you have any feedback on the rTRealFeel mod then please make it on our forum.

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The fully detailed tabulated official results of the Legends AWESOME 2008 Full French GP event are now available HERE.

We had a full grid of 22 qualified drivers expected to arrive at Magny-Cours for this special event, but alas 6 of them could not make it for one reason or another. So with only 7 drivers on Server B for the Runner Up Race a last minute executive decision was made to scrap that race and bring the 7 over to join the back of our main race grid in the order of their just completed fastest free practice laps. So the grid was hastily edited for our now 23 car AWESOME Main Race starting grid, which proved a popular decision all round. Thanks to everyone for their patience with the slightly delayed start of the race.

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This Sunday, June 29th, we have a change of pace with the rTRealFeel cars. They may not be the fastest cars available but with limited aero downforce and skinny road tyres they are fun to drive on the edge and emphasise close racing over speed. These cars are one of the options for a Championship series this Autumn so come along, give them a go and let us know how you found them to race with.

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First of all some important news for those who still want to join this very special AWESOME event but failed to register on-time. We are pleased to announce that registrations have now reopened until Friday June 20th at 23:59 GMT. As we had precisely 22 drivers attend qualifying, the main race grid is now exactly full so all other registered drivers, including those registering this week, will join the AWESOME Runner Up Race, but we do expect a full or nearly full grid for this race too so it should be every bit as exciting. As no driver in the Runner Up Race will have turned a single qualifying lap, the good news is that there will now be a Race Night short 10 minutes private qualifying session to fairly and safely form the AWESOME Runner Up Race grid so there is all still to play for, so please see the amended schedule on the AWESOME Format Page for details.

Final race Briefing notes with server passwords will be sent to ALL AWESOME registered drivers this coming Saturday, please read these notes carefully as they contain important information for all competitors.


Last Sunday's qualifying round saw just 22 of the 38 registered drivers turn up, probably due to the Euro Cup Football but even so it turned out to be an exciting evening using the modern F1 qualifying system of three sessions, the last being a ten car shoot out for the top grid positions. The official qualifying results can now be found on the AWESOME Results page The main AWESOME Race official final grid
is also repeated below and congratulations must go to Warren Pieterse for taking pole and to Rik Walker for joining him on the front row.

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