Don't forget this Sunday at 18:00 GMT our servers fire up for the all important Qualifying Rounds for the big Legends AWESOME FULL French GP Race at Magny Cours on Sunday June 22nd. See the full AWESOME race pages here for all the details. Both Thursday Evening and Saturday Afternoon Legends Club sessions this week and next week will be dedicated to AWESOME on-line practice. No password needed so feel free to join us and exchange set-ups and tips as well as join in some fun races too.

PLEASE NOTE: REGISTRATIONS FOR AWESOME CLOSE AT 23:59 GMT THIS FRIDAY JUNE 13th 2008. So if you want to join in this very special event then to avoid disappointment you should register NOW. If you have already filed your registration then you should check the AWESOME Drivers List to ensure your name is included and if not e-mail the AWESOME Race Director at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it straight away. All registered drivers receive this Saturday June 14th, by private e-mail to the address you supplied, the Qualifying Drivers' Briefing Notes which will include server password details as well as which server you should join.

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THE 2nd ANNUAL LEGENDS All WElcome Special Open Midsummer Event (AWESOME)
SUNDAY JUNE 15th 2008 AND SUNDAY JUNE 22nd at 19:00 GMT (20:00 CET; 15:00 EDST)

We are proud to announce the 2nd Annual AWESOME stand-alone open on-line sim race event organised by Legends Trans World Formula Racing (TWFR). This year we are giving you all something truly extra special. We are running a the FULL LENGTH FRENCH F1 Grand Prix at the Magny Cours GP circuit using the amazing new MMG F1 2007 Server Edition V1 mod. Furthermore we are running this over TWO consecutive Sundays with the modern F1 style Qualifying on Sunday June 15th and Race Night itself on Sunday June 22nd.

All the AWESOME 08 details are available here in the Special Events section. All drivers will need to complete easy on-line completely free registration by submitting the simple AWESOME Registration Form as soon as possible. Registrations are now open to all, Legends members and visitors alike.

Legends League "Big Brother" F1 Lap Chart

Track: Monza - Brianza, Italian Grand Prix, Race 6, Autumn Season 2007
last update 10/11/2007, 20:33 CET by Petra

Race: Quali: Driver: Car: Date: Remarks:
1:41.149 Rik Walker M29 07/11/2007
1.41.620 1:40.227 Warren Pieterse Renault RS11 07/11/2007
1:41.741 Leo Landman Tyrrell 009 30/10/2007
1:42.185 Mario Wojahn M29 30/10/2007
1:42.760 Georg Naujoks Tyrrell 009 06/11/2007
1:42.835 1:42.598 Ray Walton Ligier 10/11/2007
1:43.099 1:42.800 Dave Hawnt L80Mk1 10/11/2007
1:43.179 1:42.199 Petra Kienast L80Mk1 10/11/2007
1:43.281 Pedro Neto BT49 06/11/2007
1:43.539 Baz West L79 06/11/2007
1:43.749 Rouke vd Hoek L79 05/11/2007
1:43.992 Jon Marjanen Ferrari T4 09/11/2007
1:44.038 Antonio Wojahn M29 29/10/2007
1:45.621 Martin Cooper L79 01/11/2007


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